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StorPass offers self-storage owners and operators a comprehensive suite of solutions that automates and optimizes daily management processes and tenant communications in a centralized platform. Leveraging Bluetooth and location-based technology, StorPass facilitates automated email, text, and push notifications tailored to individuals, facilities, and locations. With flexible scheduling options, you can effectively communicate at every stage of the tenant lifecycle. Messaging campaigns enable real-time and pre-scheduled communications triggered by specific events or designated dates and times.

Elevate your tenant experience through one-click self-service, digital maps, and orchestrated outreach campaigns, facilitated by seamless integrations with leading industry software. Enable tenants to easily retrieve gate codes, make payments, upload documents, submit issues, and leave reviews with a simple Snap or Tap

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StorPass is a cutting-edge mobile-engagement platform leveraging the Google and Apple wallet native to all smartphones. It is designed to optimize your daily storage operations.

Seamlessly integrating with leading storage management software, StorPass optimizes facility management, improves efficiencies, increases customer engagement, and drives revenue opportunities.

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StorPass allows you to seamlessly connect with your API through their user-friendly dashboard. They are Pioneering the design and integration of Wallet Passes with cutting-edge iOT Technology that unlocks unprecedented features that will help you effectively manage and communicate with your tenants like never before.


Easily connect your PHYREM account with Storable in just a few clicks and experience effortless data
synchronization of your tenants. In as little as 4 steps, you can have Storable successfully connect with your PHYREM account!

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Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity as a storage operator by leveraging StorPass. This powerful solution automates everyday operations, including collections with multi-channel delinquency campaigns, move-ins, and move-outs. Take advantage of automated campaigns to upsell additional services such as tenant insurance, packing supplies, and more.

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Make a great first impression with a smooth and seamless move-in experience. StorMaps makes it easy for tenants to find their way around your facility. StorMaps provides both digital and physical maps which simplify navigation, and eliminate the frustration caused by inconsistent unit numbering systems, particularly in unmanned facilities. With StorMaps, tenants effortlessly locate their units, reducing the dependence on managers. Embrace the new age of hassle-free navigation.


Simplify task tracking for your employees and contractors. Place scannable QR codes or tappable microchip tags throughout your facility to monitor lock checks, maintenance tasks, and other daily responsibilities. These tags enhance facility oversight and provide a user-friendly experience. With simple Snap or Tap actions, employees can confirm task completion, demonstrate presence, and minimize manual efforts. Invest in this technology to promote a positive experience for facility operators and employees, while ensuring ongoing curb appeal.


Leverage StorPatrol to differentiate from your competition. Increase revenue while providing tenants, owners and property managers with additional security and peace of mind. StorPatrol 4 in 1 device provides real-time monitoring of motion, temperature, humidity, and water level.

Send instant alerts to tenants and facility managers via emails, text messages, and push notifications on the StorPass platform, ensuring real-time updates, and enabling property managers to quickly remediate.


With all of the StorPass solutions you gain access to our comprehensive, all-in-one StorTap signage. With our innovative StorTap signage, your tenants can easily engage with your on-site promotions and communications. Simply scan the QR code with your phones camera or tap the NFC technology on the StorTap signage using the back of your phone. This seamless interaction enhances the tenant experience and provides a quick and effortless mobile engagement opportunity.

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